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By/For encourages artists to create sacred worship art by the church, for the church.

By/For Project: The Vancouver Project II: In the Making

In the Making celebrates the process of creating art with diverse techniques in this three-dimensional art exhibition.

Pacific Northwest and Texas-based artists Ginger Geyer, Roger Feldman, Kathy Hastings, Nancy Rebal, Shannon Newby and Matthew Whitney collaborated during the second By/For residency hosted by Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

Other By/For Projects: The Vancouver Project and Sweet Sacrifice

Church Donation: Advent Poems

Using imagery from Advent texts in Matthew, Luke and Revelation, Micha Boyett has written a series of poems that invite us to contemplate the scandalous, soul-wrenching beauty of Christ's coming.

These poems were commissioned by John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA as part of their Advent worship experiences in December 2010.

Other Church Donations: Hope For a Tree Cut Down and Mark Study

Artist Donation: Countenance

Countenance is a series of abstract images created using Nihonga techniques. The layered crystalline pigment reflects and refracts light, dynamically changing the color and texture of the work.

New York-based Nihonga artist Makoto Fujimura donates several digital images in this project.

Enables art in community.
Great art happens in community. By/For desires to strengthen ties between artists and their worship communities, so that both can grow together. God gives gifts in every community, for the edification of the whole Church.

Encourages art patronage.
Patronage of the arts is an ancient idea, and By/For thinks it can be a modern one too. Churches can support artists in their communities and reclaim their historic role as patrons of the arts.

Expands art copyright.
Worship is a gift freely given. By/For projects are licensed under Creative Commons, so churches can freely use the art in worship and other artists can adapt and extend it. Removing profit motives can enrich both art and worship.

Extends art across borders.
God connects His Church across borders. By/For believes the local church can strengthen and support fellow worshippers down the street, across town, and over oceans. Using the Internet and digital media, By/For helps churches and artists share sacred art across borders.